11 Curvy Women We Love You

We agree with Sir Mix-A-Lot; women with curves are amazingWe can’t help but notice a good curvy woman when we see one.  Weather it’s a hot plus-size model or a sultry girl, we tip our hats to these fine ladies.  We got to thinking, if we could put together a list of our favorite curve-tastic women, who would we include on it?  Hmmmn.  Well, take a look at this list of girls that really get our motor running.

Kelly Osbourne

We first met Kelly Osbourne in 2005 on ‘The Osbournes’, the reality show featuring her family. Kelly Osbourne’s hot pink hair and adolescent attitude flung her into the hearts of millions.  Years later, Kelly Osbourne wowed us with her performance on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ which illustrated her dramatic transformation from rebellious teenager to a beautiful woman.  Today, Kelly Osbourne is a fashion icon. You can catch her looking absolutely stunning on various red carpets.


Adele may sing “Someone Like You,” but clearly there is no one like her.  Adele is officially a superstar with a super voice.  Did we mention that she’s a knockout as well?  Well, she is.  Adele wears her plus-size with the confidence of a thousand supermodels, and she should!  Adele’s voice is flawless, and her beautiful face also brings men to their knees.

Crystal Renn

Crystal Renn started modeling at age 14. Renn was told she needed to lose a third of her weight, if she wanted to make it in fashion modeling.  After years of struggling with the pressure of weight loss, she reemerged as a stunning plus-size model.  Crystal Renn continues to hike and do yoga, and is a very happy and healthy woman.

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