Taissa Farmiga on troubled witches in 'Coven'

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(Reuters) - Actress Taissa Farmiga has made a name for herself playing troubled teenagers and in "American Horror Story: Coven" she returns to familiar territory as a complex young adult, but this time she has special powers.

Farmiga, 19, was thrust into the spotlight in the first season of FX's anthology thriller series "American Horror Story," where she played Violet, the troubled teenage daughter of a couple tormented by the supernatural presences in their house.

Farmiga also starred in this summer's "The Bling Ring" about a gang of teenagers who rob celebrities' homes.

In "Coven," premiering on Wednesday, Farmiga plays Zoe, a teenager with a powerful and destructive ability, which she discovers with tragic consequences. She is shipped off to a school for witches in New Orleans, overseen by headmistress Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) and her demanding mother, Fiona, played by "American Horror Story" Emmy-winner Jessica Lange.

Zoe and her new classmates, played by Emma Roberts, Gabourey Sidibe and Jamie Brewer, learn to embrace their powers as modern-day witches, navigating a world where being burned at the stake is no longer as big a threat as cameras and social media.

Farmiga talked to Reuters about returning to the series, tackling sexuality and taking tips from her Oscar-nominated elder sister, Vera Farmiga.

Q: How does it feel to return to the "American Horror Story" franchise, and what's been the biggest change for you?

A: I was there at the very beginning then I took a little break but it's nice to be back with the crew and cast and just to be on this crazy show. I love it. It feels nice.

The character is very different. The tone of this season is very different. For me, I'm a little older, a little more mature, I play a character who is in a different stage of her life than Violet was, it's just different hurdles.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge in "Coven"?

A: Dealing with Zoe's sexuality that's attached to her character, dealing with her special abilities, just trying to figure out how she would deal with it, trying to get into her mind. It's a crazy thing to have to deal with because when you're not able to get intimate with someone, it makes you think about your future, it kind of makes you nervous and upset.

Q: Witches have long been a popular subject, from literature to film and television. How did you and creator Ryan Murphy want to portray the lore of witches in "Coven"?

A: One thing Ryan said to me when he was talking about the story and how it was about witches and witchcraft and the history of it in America, he said he wanted it to be very real. He didn't want it to be over the top or crazy. He wanted it to be just natural and real.

Q: There's been a resurgence in witch lore on television recently, such as ABC's "Once Upon A Time" or Lifetime's "Witches of East End." Why does the topic resonate with audiences?

A: There's something about the supernatural and having powers to make things easier. It's trying to let your imagination run wild. Being able to move things or read people's minds, it's appealing to people, it's weird and special.

Q: Your older sister Vera has had her own success with the horror genre, in this year's film "The Conjuring" and playing Norman Bates' mother in A&E's television series "Bates Motel." Have you two swapped advice about tackling horror?

A: Usually I'm the one calling her. She's always there for me and she's got so much for experience. It's so lovely having someone like that there for you. I love watching her on "Bates Motel," she's so incredible and I get so inspired.

(Reporting by Piya Sinha-Roy; Editing by Patricia Reaney and Eric Beech)

Spotted in the Erin shirt

  1. Karl Lagerfeld is a German fashion designer, artist, and photographer based in Paris. He is the head designer and creative director of the fashion house Chanel as well as the Italian house Fendi and his own label fashion house. Wikipedia

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A Mexican Actress | Anabell Gardoqui "Ana" de la Reguera

Ana de la Reguera

Ana de la Reguera

Ana de la Reguera

Ana de la Reguera

Ana de la Reguera
Anabell Gardoqui "Ana" de la Reguera (born April 8, 1977) is a Mexican actress who has starred in telenovelas, films and the HBO television series Eastbound & Down.
Reguera was born in Veracruz, Mexico. Her mother was Miss Veracruz who became a journalist and TV personality. She began her performance arts studies in the Instituto Veracruzano de Cultura and was the host of Pasarela on Televisa Veracruz. She left the Televisa's CEA, and then studied with Rosa María Bianchi, Patricia Reyes Spíndola and Rafael Miranau. She also studied at the Centro de Formación Actoral de TV Azteca (CEFAC).

Sofia Vergara Photo Gallery | takedown notification

Sofia Vergara Photo Gallery

Sofia Vergara Photo Gallery

Sofia Vergara Photo Gallery

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Glamour Women Of Year 2014

sophie turner
 Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner looks just as good in modern-day clothes as her Sansa Stark gowns, am I right? The corset belt on this McQ Alexander McQueen dress adds a vampy touch to her plaid dress.

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Bright color-blocking typically belongs in the realm of casual-day dressing in my opinion, but British TV personality Emma Willis made the case for it being red-carpet-worthy.
We get pretty excited about our Women of the Year celebrations and our British friends at Glamour U.K. do too. They threw their own version of the festivities last night and—no surprise—it brought out a pretty fabulously dressed flock. TO BE CONTINUE...

11 Curvy Women We Love You

We agree with Sir Mix-A-Lot; women with curves are amazingWe can’t help but notice a good curvy woman when we see one.  Weather it’s a hot plus-size model or a sultry girl, we tip our hats to these fine ladies.  We got to thinking, if we could put together a list of our favorite curve-tastic women, who would we include on it?  Hmmmn.  Well, take a look at this list of girls that really get our motor running.

Kelly Osbourne

We first met Kelly Osbourne in 2005 on ‘The Osbournes’, the reality show featuring her family. Kelly Osbourne’s hot pink hair and adolescent attitude flung her into the hearts of millions.  Years later, Kelly Osbourne wowed us with her performance on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ which illustrated her dramatic transformation from rebellious teenager to a beautiful woman.  Today, Kelly Osbourne is a fashion icon. You can catch her looking absolutely stunning on various red carpets.


Adele may sing “Someone Like You,” but clearly there is no one like her.  Adele is officially a superstar with a super voice.  Did we mention that she’s a knockout as well?  Well, she is.  Adele wears her plus-size with the confidence of a thousand supermodels, and she should!  Adele’s voice is flawless, and her beautiful face also brings men to their knees.

Crystal Renn

Crystal Renn started modeling at age 14. Renn was told she needed to lose a third of her weight, if she wanted to make it in fashion modeling.  After years of struggling with the pressure of weight loss, she reemerged as a stunning plus-size model.  Crystal Renn continues to hike and do yoga, and is a very happy and healthy woman.

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